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The following list contains multi-national companies situated in and around Gurgaon. They are filed alphabetically and divided up in following categories: automobile, textile, call centres, software, hardware, others. We try to up-date the list regularly. If you want to get information across to workers in one of the companies or if you would help distributing information from Gurgaon in your area, please get in touch.

After the list of companies you can find an alphabetic list of news items concerning companies in Gurgaon.


ASK Automotive (Italy) Gurgaon (brake shoes)
Abishek Autos (Japan) Delhi (components)
Air Liquid India (France) Delhi (exhaust systems)
Aksh Optifibre Limited (Manesar)
Allied Nippon (Japan) Delhi (brakes)
Alpha Toyo (Japan) Faridabad (handle bars, switches)
Amtek (UK, Japan) Delhi , Manesar (connecting rods)
Ample Auto, Gurgaon
Ampress Sheet Metal (South Korea) Delhi (components)
Anand Motors Products (USA) Delhi and Gurgaon (components)
Anika Norma Automobiles (Estonia) Delhi (seat belt)
Anand Nishikawa (Japan) Delhi, Gurgaon Udyog Vihar Phase 1 (rubber parts)
Anand Gates India (USA) Delhi (coolant)
Anu Autos Industries (France, South Korea) Gurgaon (locking systems)
Asahi India (Japan) Delhi (safety glass)
Aisin Seiki (Japan) Delhi (hinges, locks)
Apollo Tyres Gurgaon
Arvin Industries) Gurgaon (filter)
Automotive Wiring Systems (Germany, Leonische Drahtwirke AG) Delhi (components)
Automotive Acoustic Insulat (Germany, HP Chemie Peizer) Delhi (trim parts)
Auto Tension (Germany, Stumpp und Schuele) Delhi (springs)
Axo-Scintex Delhi (horns)
Bajaj Peizer (Germany, Chemie Peizer) Noida (insulation)
Benad Amtex (Japan) Delhi (fly wheel)
Bharat Seats (Japan) Haryana (seats)
BMW (Gurgaon, only HQ)
Boramtek Delhi (components)
Bosch Chassis Manesar
Bosch (Germany) Gurgaon (pumps)
BTR Wadco Automotives (Japan) Delhi (sealing systems)
Bharat Steel Tubes (USA) Delhi (wheel rims)
Brakwel Automotive Components (Japan) Noida (clutches)
Britax Motherson (UK) Noida (rear mirrors)
BRT Motherson (UK) Noida (moulded components)
Brytax Auto Industries (Taiwan) Delhi (lights)
Caparo Maruti (UK) Gurgaon (sheet metal)
Claas Tracktors Faridabad
Climax Overseas Manesar
Clutch Auto (Italy, Automotive Products Italia spa) Delhi (clutches)
Consolidate Radiators (Canada/USA) Delhi (radiators)
Continental, Gurgaon
D.I. Filter Systems (USA, Donaldson Company) Gurgaon (air filters)
Deadong Gurgaon (cables)
Delphi Automotives (USA) Gurgaon (steering systems, wiring harness)
Denso Haryana (Italy, Japan) Delhi (injections)
Denso India (Japan) Delhi (starter motors)
Deepak Industries (UK) Faridabad (steering gears)
Donaldson Company Gurgaon (air filters)
Eagle Picture) Faridabad (rubber hose)
Echlin India (USA) Haryana (brakes)
Eicher Faridabad
Escorts Mahle (Germany) Delhi (pistons)
Escorts Herion (Germany) Delhi (hydraulic cylinders)
Execy Cheekay (Japan) Noida (clutch disk)
FCC Rico (Japan) Gurgaon (clutch assembly)
Ferodo (UK) Gurgaon (brakes)
Fiem Sung San (South Korea) Delhi (lights)
Fine Mobile Parts (Japan, Mitsubishi) Delhi (disk brake pads)
Flash Transval (France) Delhi (spark plugs)
Gateway Rail Freight Pvt. Ltd.
Gabriel India Ltd. Gurgaon
GKN Invel Transmissions (Germany) Delhi (front axle assembly)
GT Exhaust India (UK) Delhi (exhaust systems)
Gegarg Gears Delhi (gears)
Gitanjali Enterprises (USA, Khanna Cars) Delhi (washing system)
Goetz (Germany) Delhi (piston rings)
Goodyear (Faridabad)
Graziano Transmissions (Italy) Delhi (transmissions)
Grobain Delhi (automotive glass)
Gupta Machine Tools (South Korea, Li-Tech corp.) Faridabad (halogene lamps)
Henkel Teroson (Germany) Gurgaon (anti-freezing coolant)
Harig Crankshafts (Germany, Wilhelmus) Delhi (crankshafts)
Highway Cycles Industries (Japan, Honda) Gurgaon (piston for engines)
Hilton Roulunds (Denmark) Haryana (automotive belts)
Haryana Sheet Glass LTD (UK, Pilikington) Haryana (automotive glass)
Haryana DD Autos (Germany) Haryana (shafts)
Haryana Deepey Autos (UK, Woodhead) Gurgaon (shock absorbers)
Hongo Phawa (Japan) Noida (components)
Hi-Tech Gears (Japan, USA, Gegarg Gears) Delhi (gears)
Hella (Germany) Faridabad (lamps)
Horizon Industrial Products (Germany, E.A. Storz) Delhi (sheet metal parts)
Imperial Auto Industries (USA, Gates Rubber, UK, Eagle Picture) Faridabad (rubber hose)
IST (Switzerland, Ronda) Delhi (precision parts)
Ikeil Metals (South Korea) Delhi (aluminium diecastings)
Jagan Litech Lamps (South Korea) Delhi (halogene lamps)
Jaina Casts (Germany, Motometers) Faridabad (dash board instruments)
Jay Bharat Maruti (Japan) Gurgaon (pipes)
JBM Sung Hoo (South Korea) Delhi (components)
JBM Group Gurgaon
JMA Industries (Germany, Hella) Faridabad (lamps)
Jay-Yusin (Japan) Gurgaon (door latch)
Jay Industries (South Korea, Boramtek) Delhi (components)
Johnson Matthey (UK) Gurgaon (catalysts)
Johnson Matthey Manesar
JNS Instruments (Japan) Gurgaon (instruments)
Kiekert Germany Faridabad (locking system)
Korin India (South Korea) Delhi (rear axle assembly)
Krishna Maruti (Japan) Gurgaon (seats)
Krishna Toyo (Japan) Gurgaon (rear mirrors)
Lakhani Rubber Works (Germany, Phoenix, Munderner Gummiwerke) Faridabad (fuel hoses)
Leonische Drahtwirke AG Delhi (components)
Life Spark Plugs (UK, smith industries) Delhi (spark plugs)
Li-Tech corp. Faridabad (halogene lamps)
Lumax Industries (France, Germany, Automotive Lighting Reutlingen, Valeo) Delhi (lighting)
Lumax GSHP (USA) Gurgaon (transmission)
Laser Lamp (South Korea, Il Lee corp.) Delhi/Haryana (halogene lamps)
Machino Polymers (Montell int.) Gurgaon (compound cables)
Machino TSK Nippon Cables (Japan) Gurgaon (cables)
Machino Basell (Netherlands) Gurgaon (polypropylene)
Maharashtra Glass and Agro (France, Grobain) Delhi (automotive glass)
Madhusudan Nippon (Japan, Korea, Deadong) Gurgaon (cables)
Makino Auto Industries (Japan) Delhi (clutch plates)
Mag Wheel (UK, Two Gates Wheels) Delhi (alloy wheels)
Mahle Delhi (transmission shafts)
Mando Delhi (steering systems)
Manu Auto, Manesar
Mark Auto Industries (Italy, Germany, FBN Italy, Roth Abgastechnologie) Gurgaon (exhaust systems)
Matsuda Delhi (forged components)
Matthey Finance (Netherlands) Delhi (catalyc converters)
Metro Tyers Gurgaon
Mik Funiama (Japan, iic) Faridabad (ignition systems)
Minda Industries (Italy, Seima Italiana spa, France, Axo-Scintex) Delhi (horns)
Minda Huf (Italy, autotechnica) Delhi (security systems)
Minda Huf (Germany) Noida (locks, ignition switch)
Mindarika (Japan) Gurgaon (switches)
Mitsubishi Delhi (disk brake pads)
Mitsubishi Electric Automotive (Japan) Delhi (electric control units)
M and M Auto Industries Gurgaon (springs)
Montell int. Gurgaon (compound cables)
Morirku (Japan) Delhi (plastic components)
Munjal Showa (Japan) Gurgaon (shock absorbers)
Mothersons Sumi (Japan) Delhi (wiring harness)
Mothersons Elastomers (Germany, Woco) Noida (moulded compounds)
Mothersons Pudenz (Germany) Noida (fuses)
Motometers Faridabad (dash board instruments)
Mulitvac India (Germany, Benecke-Kaliko) Delhi (roof headliners)
MWP Migma (Germany, Mahle) Delhi (transmission shafts)
Nagata (Japan) Gurgaon (tools, dies)
Napino Auto and Electronics Manesar
Nelson Industries (USA) Delhi (engine parts)
Nikko Auto (Japan) Gurgaon (horns)
Nipa International Ltd. (lights)
Nippon Paint Gurgaon (paint)
Nisshin Steel (Faridabad)
Onassis Auto Ltd. (accessoirs)
Padmini (Electronics)
Panalfa Investment (Japan, hadsys) Delhi (air con)
Pearl Minerals (USA, lear seating) Delhi (seats)
Peizer Delhi (trim parts)
Pfeda Synthetics (Germany) Noida (arm rests, dash boards)
Phoenix, Munderner Gummiwerke Faridabad (fuel hoses)
Pilikington (UK) Gurgaon
Pranav Vikas (mauritius, sanden international) Delhi (heat exchange)
Purolator (USA, Arvin Industries) Gurgaon (filter)
Quiton Hazell Gurgaon (rods, joints, steering assembly)
Rane Clutch (Germany, UK lamellen) Delhi (components)
Rasandik Engineering (Japan, Yachiyo) Gurgaon (fuel tanks)
Rajesh Udyog (UK, Burman and Sons) Delhi (steering gear assembly)
Reinz Talbros (Germany, Reinz, Frenzelit) Delhi (locking system)
Rico Deawoo (Japan, South Korea) Noida (pumps)
Roloform Manesar
Roth Abgastechnologie Gurgaon (exhaust systems)
Sandhar Locking Devices (Japan, honda) Delhi (locking systems)
Sandhar Gurgaon
Sauer Danfoss, Gurgaon
Scania (busses)
Seima Italiana Spa, Delhi (horns)
Sharda Motors (South Korea, Sejong) Delhi (exhaust systems)
Shivani Locks (Kiekert Germany) Faridabad (locking system)
Siemens Intron Gurgaon
Sirmour Sudburg Auto (Germany, sudburg) Delhi (shock absorbers)
Simpson Industries (USA) Delhi (gears, precision parts)
Sona Cold Forging (Japan, Matsuda) Delhi (forged components)
Sono Koyo (Japan) Gurgaon (steering)
Sona Okegawa (Japan) Gurgaon (gears)
Sona Somic Lemforder (Japan/Germany) Gurgaon (ball point)
Spark Plugs India (USA, champion spark plugs) Delhi (spark plugs)
Spicer Heavy Axle Holding (USA) Delhi (truck axles)
SMK Steering (South Korea, Mando) Delhi (steering systems)
Steel Strips Wheels (Japan, ring techs) Delhi (wheel rims)
Steyr Faridabad
Stumpp und Schuele, Delhi
Subros (Japan, Denso) Delhi (ac systems)
Sunbeam Auto (Japan, Honda) Gurgaon (pistons)
Sun Steering Wheels (Japan, TS Tech) Gurgaon (steering wheels)
Sun Petri (Germany) Gurgaon (steering wheels)
Sunvisors (Germany, Happich) Delhi (components)
Suzuki (Japan) Motor-Bikes
Talbros (UK, Quiton Hazell) Gurgaon (rods, joints, steering assembly)
TS Tech Sun (Japan) Noida (door trims)
Two Gates Wheels) Delhi (alloy wheels)
Wilhelmus Delhi (crankshafts)
Woodhead Gurgaon (shock absorbers)
WSCP Manesar
Yamaha Faridabad


Didi World of Fashion
Fashion Express
House of Pearl
Orient Craft

Call Centres / BPO

American Express Gurgaon
Amazon Gurgaon
Alcatel Gurgaon
Bank of America
British Airways Gurgaon
Canon Gurgaon
Citibank Gurgaon
Customer 24/7
Deutsche Bank Gurgaon
Dell Gurgaon
Dupont Gurgaon
Ericsson Gurgaon
Genpact Gurgaon
HP Gurgaon
IBM Gurgaon
Keane Gurgaon
Microsoft Gurgaon
Nestle Gurgaon
Nokia Gurgaon
Sapient Gugaon
UnitedLex Gurgaon
Wesley Clover


Accenture Services Private Limited
Adrenalin eSystems Ltd.
Ariba Technologies India Pvt.
Aunwesha KnowledgeTechnologies Pvt. Ltd.
Binary Semantics
Fidelity Business S
Hanu Software Solutions
Hazel Infotech Pvt Ltd
HCL Technologies Ltd
Hexaware Technologies Limited
Hughes Systique
IBM India Pvt Ltd
Interactive World
Interglobe Technology Quotient ITQ
Kelly Services India Pvt Ltd.
KLG Systel Ltd
Kring Technologies
MAH India
marketRx, Inc.
Melstar Information Technologies Ltd.
Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Corporation (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Nagarro Software Pvt Ltd
Nortel Networks
Oracle India Pvt Ltd
Parsec Technologies Ltd
Planet PCI Infotech
Prometric Testing Private Limited
Quadrant Infotech
SAP Labs India Pvt.
SCA Technologies
Siemens The Siemens Group
Software Technology Group Inc.
Stellar Information Systems Ltd
Summit Information Technologies Limited.
SummitWorks Technologies Inc.
Sundaram Infotech
Suvin Technologies Suvin Technologies
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd
Venire IT Ltd
Visesh Infosystems Ltd.
Wipro Technologies
Xchanging Technology Services Xchanging


Aksh Optifibre Limited (Cables)
Alpine Electronics: (Electronics)
Deejay Energy (Batteries)
Flextronics (Electronics, only HQ)
Huges Software
Lucent-Alcatel (Electronics)
Olympia (Electronics)
Power Electronics (Electronics)
Rotex (Electronics)
Samsung (Electronics)
Schneider Faridabad
Sony Gurgaon
Su-Kam (Electronics)
Zentek Software
ZTE Corp Manesar (Electronics)


Accor (hotel)
ABB Lummus Global Inc. (automation parts)
Adani (Transports)
Atlas Cycles (Bicycle manufacturer)
Bata Faridabad (Shoes)
Biogen Idec (Pharma)
Carrier Gurgaon (air-conditioning systems)
Concor (Transport)
DGM India (Media Marketing)
Eastern Medikit (masks, syringes)
Express KCS (Editing BPO)
Frick Faridabad (Fridges, Cooling Systems)
General Electrics Faridabad (Electro Engines)
GVK Bioscience (bio research)
IKEA (furniture)
INC (biotech)
Metso (paper machinery)
Osram (light-bulb manufacturer)
Pepsi (foods)
Promed (Pharma)
Ranbaxy (Pharma)
Retreat (Bio-Gas)
Saint Gobain Diamant Ltd. (stone cutting tools)
Samsonite (Suitcase)
San Jose Mercury Press (Media)
Strabag (metro construction)
Stryker Gurgaon (Medical Devices)
TCI (transport)
Uppal/Luxor Group (Real Estate, SEZ)
Whirlpool Faridabad

Company News Items

French group Accor to open hotel in India
New Delhi: French hotel group Accor Hospitality Thursday said its first budget hotel in India will open in April this year. The 271-room hotel, which will be operated under the brand name of Ibis, will be located in Gurgaon near Delhi. Currently, InterGlobe Hotels has 10 Ibis hotels at various stages of development across India, adding up to 1,850 rooms located at Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Jaipur. The company is negotiating for several other sites.
(Thursday, 24 January , 2008, 18:31)

Adani Logistics to launch container train operations
Adani Logistics, the logistics division of Adani Group, is all set to launch its container train operations in August. The company has a category I, pan-India licence. Adani is developing an inland container depot (ICD) at Pathi, nearly 22 km south of Gurgaon that will facilitate its container train plans. After initial hiccups, it seems that private players have finally been able to get their act together as the last two months have seen both APL and Boxtrans Logistics Services, the arm of JM Baxi group, initiate services while many others like Sical Logistics and Pipavav Rail Corporation are gearing up for a late 2007 launch. According to sources, Sical Logistics has already placed orders for its rakes with a leading West Bengal-based wagon manufacturing company and will run its trains on the Chennai-Nagpur, Chennai-Delhi, Bangalore-Delhi and Nagpur-Delhi routes. Between the container terminal at Chennai port and its inland container depot at Nagpur, Sical expects to tap the EXIM cargo from South-East Asia to route via Chennai, which is presently being handled through JNPT.
(4th of July 2007)

Aksh Optifibre Limited
Public limited company manufacturing fibre optic cables located at Bhiwadi (Rajasthan); product list includes singlemode matched clad fibre, multimode optical fibre, duct cables, inter connect cables, armoured direct burial cables, ADSS cables etc.

Alcatel Lucent
In the telecom equipment manufacturing space, Alcatel-Lucent has an important joint venture with ITI, which is located near Chennai. It has five R&D centres of its own, one each at Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Noida and Gurgaon. Its sales and marketing efforts are centred at its south Asia headquarters at Gurgaon, near Delhi. In 2006, Alcatel had also set up campuses at Gurgaon and Mumbai for its learning centre, christened Alcatel University, for training employees as well as customers.
(27th of December 2006)

Amartex targets to achieve Rs300cr sale
Amartex Industries Ltd, one of the leading textile manufacturers, has received Government of Punjab’s approval for setting up an agro processing project at Lalru in Punjab, covering an area of 80 acres. In an expansion plan of Gurgaon and Ludhiana garment projects, the company proposes to invest around Rs250 crore. These two facilities have the capacity to produce about 10,000 garments and 10,000 knitted fabrics per day.
(26th of June 2007)

Amdocs, a provider of software and customer management services in telecom, has announced its second development center in Gurgaon in 2007, besides plans of beefing up its Pune development center. The Gurgaon center that will start with an initial pool of 200 people will be gradually raised to 400 and would eventually balance the overall targets in sync with Pune.
(12th of December 2006)

Amtek India (Q, N,C,F)* announced that the company has allotted 621,558 equity shares at Rs 120.12 a share upon the conversion of foreign currency convertible bonds (FCCBs) of USD 1.7 million. Amtek India manufactures automotive components with a special focus on a variety of iron castings. The company has two manufacturing units located at Gurgaon in Haryana and Bhiwadi in Rajasthan. Amtek India is the largest manufacturer of gear shifter forks and forks in the country. Its Gurgaon unit is engaged in the machining of a variety of large and medium sized automotive components like connecting-rods, spindles, transmission covers, gear shifter fork, yokes, bridge fork, bottom assembly, pivot arms, crank-cases and other machined castings.
(22nd of January 2006)

Amtek Auto Limited
Incorporated in 1985, AAL is engaged in manufacturing of forgings and machined components for automobile industry. AAL’s domestic clientele in India includes almost all the major Original Equipment manufacturers (OEMs) covering passenger car segment, two wheelers, tractors & LCVs, defense and other stationary engine manufacturers. Besides, company also has significant presence in replacement market and export market. During FY’06, AAL issued FCCB aggregating USD 250 million, the proceeds of which are to be utilized towards acquisitions, on-going expansions. AAL entered into 50:50 joint venture namely, Amtek Tekfor Automotive Ltd, with Neumayer Tekfor GmBH and new company has started manufacturing high precision fractured connecting rod assemblies and modules in India. AAL has also formed a 50:50 JV with Magna Powertrain, Canada, to manufacture 2-piece Flex plate Assemblies for automotive applications. The plant would be located in India and is expected to commence operation in 2008.
(19th of May 2007)

Amtek Auto close to UK acquisition
Indian vehicle parts maker Amtek Auto Ltd. is close to buying an aluminium foundry in the UK from J.L. French Automotive Castings at an enterprise value of about $40 million, two sources close to the deal said. Amtek may also shift the plant to India. The target unit, the sources said, sold aluminium casts and machined parts to automakers including Ford and PSA Peugeot Citroen and had annual sales of about $80 million. This deal would double Amtek’s Aluminium parts capacity to 40,000 tonnes a year. The company in January bought a foundry in the UK for 1.2 billion rupees and relocated it to Pune. It is also spending 800 million rupees to expand it. Amtek has a forging capacity of 220,000 tonnes a year and steel casting capacity of 130,000 tonnes. It has been raising capacity steadily with eight acquisitions abroad so far.
(3rd of June 2007)

Amtek India gets board’s nod to raise Rs 96.25 cr
New Delhi: Amtek India Ltd, promoted by the Amtek Group, today said it will raise Rs 96.25 crore through a preferential issue of shares. The board has decided to issue 5.5 million shares at Rs 175 each to the promoter group companies for raising Rs 96.25 crore, the company said in a statement. Set up in 1982, Amtek India produces automobile ancillaries with two manufacturing units located at Gurgaon in Haryana and Bhiwadi in Rajasthan.
(Monday, 03 December , 2007, 15:27)

Apollo Tyres
In the last fiscal period from April 2006 to March 2007 the tyre manufacturer Apollo, situated in Gurgaon increased its turn-over by 26.7 per cent. The net profits were doubled during the same period.
(3rd of March 2007)

Apollo Tyres
Apollo Tyres setting up super-speciality hospital
Onkar S. Kanwar’s Apollo Tyres group has entered the healthcare sector with a super-speciality hospital in Gurgaon, on the outskirts of the national capital, with a seed investment of Rs.2.1 billion ($45 million). Christened Artemis Health Sciences (AHS), the 260-bed hospital over 8.3 acres of land will open next month. In the second phase, another 240 beds will be added. The group also has a pact with Philips of Holland to make medical equipment. Apollo sees a huge potential in this area since more than 80 percent of such equipment in India is imported.
(24th of March 2007)

Balaji Fashion
When Balaji Fashions, a small-sized Gurgaon-based garment manufacturer, decided to get into the export market, the promoters knew it wasn’t going to be easy.
There were many ground-level issues that had to be worked out — from acquisition of a buyer to serving his requirements, and everything in between. Neither was the idea of appointing too many vendors. “Around that time, I was negotiating with a Delhi-based logistics company for my export venture to Canada. The company instantly gave me the offer of assisting in setting up a local unit in Canada as well as in some European countries. They assured me of an end-to-end solution,” says Yadav. Bigger logistics players like DHL and UPS have set up dedicated units for servicing SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).
And not without reason. For most big-ticket logistics players, it’s SMEs that the big bucks are coming from, contributing anything between 25-40% of the total revenues. “As a growth engine for the future, SMEs are very important to us. They contribute more than 30% of our business and have the highest growth rates among all our customer segments,” says UPS Jetair Express MD Pirojshaw Sarkari.
As part of its focus on SMEs, UPS has two key initiatives for this segment — TradeAbility and UPS Exchange Collect. TradeAbility is a web-based system that allows exporters to calculate the applicable customs duty and other tariffs while exporting to a country. This helps them arrive at the landed cost of their product post duties and taxes even before they are shipped. TradeAbility was specifically developed for Asian SMEs who want to export to the US and Europe, and was introduced two years ago in India.
UPS Exchange Collect, another service for SMEs from UPS, is a technology-based payment option that helps small exporters assess the credit standing of their foreign customers and thus minimise risks associated with first time buyers.
Under this service, goods are released to the buyer only after the money has been remitted into UPS’ account, thus obviating the need for Letters of Credit and other bank credit procedures. The entire process is online to ensure transparency in the transaction. The company recently launched a 2,300 sq ft operations centre in the cotton knitwear cluster of Tirupur in Tamil Nadu to facilitate exports for SMEs.
Industry experts are of the view that with the growth of organised retail, there will be an increased level of mutual dependence between the small manufacturers and suppliers, and logistics firms. “In this case, the logistics firms will play the role of integrating the back-end and front-end of the retail business,” says Decube Retail Plus COO Dhruv Prashar.
(17th of September 2007)

Bank of America
Bank of America Corp. continues to expand its offshoring efforts, with the latest batch of technology work going to an India-based consulting firm. The Charlotte bank told a group of wealth and investment management employees this spring that their tasks will be sent to Mumbai-based Tata Consultancy Services.
The move comes as Bank of America continues to bulk up its Continuum Solutions subsidiary in India, which employs 2,500, up from 1,500 a year and a half ago. That unit, which handles technology and back-office work for the bank, opened a third office last year in Gurgaon, adding to locations in Hyderabad and Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay). Bank of America, which employs 199,429 worldwide, has been outsourcing work overseas since 2001 in an effort to cut costs and tap a broader labor pool.
(25th of May 2007)

Biogen Idec opens first office in India
Biogen Idec has officially opened an office in Gurgaon. Dr Gunther Winkler, Senior Vice-President, Strategic Initiatives, attended the event as part of his visit to India. The Gurgaon facility will serve as the headquarters of the company’s recently established wholly-owned Indian subsidiary Biogen Idec Biotech India. Dr Seth added, “India enjoys several benefits as a centre of drug development, including a vast scientific talent pool, emerging biologics capabilities and particularly strong competencies in small molecules and new chemical entities. We look forward to not only forging R&D relationships with Indian companies, investigators and academic institutions, but also integrating India into Biogen’s global clinical development plans.” Two blockbuster drugs-Avonex and Mab Thera-lead Biogen’s line up, and the company currently has more than 20 products in clinical development addressing a variety of medical needs.
(2nd of December 2007)

Brite Group
Pioneers in plastics; manufacturing facilities in Mumbai, Tarapur, Sohna (Gurgaon), Pithampur and Pondicherry;

Caparo acquires 100 acres in Haryana
Caparo group has acquired 100 acres at Bawal in Haryana for development of six new engineering ventures for its vehicle products India division. The company already operates two stamping plants in the region through a JV with Maruti Suzuki. The total projected investment of the six new ventures is Rs 510 crore with anticipated sales of Rs 850 crore and employment for 2,000. Caparo India currently operates at 15 sites in India but expects to complete construction of a further 16 plants by the end of next year. The new land, situated 70 kms from Gurgaon, has been allocated through the Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC) and is required following accelerated growth and increasing demand from customers in northern India and new markets such as aerospace, CEO of Caparo Angad Paul said.
(6th of August 2007)

Caparo, the UK-based speciality steel and engineering group headed by Lord Swaraj Paul – the Labour peer – plans to spend over £100 million on acquisitions and greenfield projects in India. Caparo plans to invest its cash in India over the next 3 to 4 years in building up to eight new plants, over and above the four it already operates in the country. Caparo’s new facilities are coming up in Chennai, Pitampur, Bawal, Noida and Gurgaon. Much of the higher production from Caparo in India would be channelled to the company’s existing customers in the vehicle industry, including General Motors, Ford, Honda and Suzuki. Caparo’s development in India started in 1994 with a joint venture with Maruti Udyog Limited. The company known as Caparo Maruti Limited manufactures automotive body panels at its facility in Gurgaon (Haryana).
(22nd of January 2007)

The Gurgaon-based Carrier Airconditioning & Refrigeration Limited – a wholly owned subsidiary of the US-based Carrier Corp — has launched energy efficient air conditioners.
(24th of March 2007)
Carrier plans $50 mn R&D centre

Carrier, the global air conditioning company, hopes to increase its business in India by two-and-a-half fold to $500 million (Rs 4,000 crore) at an investment of Rs 200 crore in three years. The investment will mainly be used to build a new global research and development (R&D) centre, develop industry-leading products and technology for local markets and enhance Carrier’s manufacturing operations. The R&D centre is expected to come up in 2009 and will be the company’s third R&D centre in Asia. It will bring Carrier’s international technology to India and facilitate the local development of new products. A major part of the investment will be earmarked for expansion of its manufacturing capacity in Gurgaon three-fold to 600,000 units a year. The company will also introduce high-end air-conditioning, transport and stationary refrigeration products to the Indian market. The company also plans to use the Gurgaon manufacturing facility for exports in near future. “Once we have established our selves as the leader across categories we offer, our shall be focus on exports,” said Zubin Irani, managing director, Carrier India, the domestic subsidiary of Carrier. According to the company, India will become the fourth largest market for Carrier after the US, China and Japan by 2010. Since 2004, the Indian air- conditioning and refrigeration market has grown 25 per cent annually and is expected to become one of the largest markets in the world by 2012. Carrier also plans to introduce higher energy efficiency in all its products across residential and commercial categories.
(30th of November 2007)

CONCOR, Gateway Rail Freight in JV for mega terminal
Container Gateway, the joint venture between Container Corporation of India and Gateway Rail Freight, became operational from December 1. Gateway Rail Freight, a subsidiary of Gateway Distriparks, holds 51 per cent stake in the venture and remaining 49 per cent by CONCOR. Gateway Distriparks has been operating the rail-linked ICD at Garhi Harsaru, Gurgaon and CONCOR had been providing the rail connectivity to the gateway ports till now. This rail terminal caters to the industrial areas of Delhi, Bijwasan, Gurgaon, Manesar, Dharuhera, Bawal, Hissar, Sonepat, Panipat in Haryana and Bhiwadi, Neemrana and Behror in Rajasthan. The operation of the existing terminal spread over 18 acres has now been taken over by Container Gateway.
“The existing terminal is a leading ICD of NCR. The expansion of the terminal will be undertaken by Container Gateway and will become operational in the second quarter of 2008-09. Presently we are operating our four rakes on domestic circuits and two rakes out of these four rakes will be deployed in EXIM circuit from Garhi terminal. Gateway Rail Freight plans to increase fleet size to 12 rakes by the end of the current fiscal,” said Prem Kishan Gupta, deputy chairman and managing director of Gateway Distriparks and CMD of Gateway Rail.
“This mega Terminal will be developed over an additional area of 80 acres and will have a new rail handling and transshipment area, multiple CFS & a warehousing complex. When fully operational, it will handle about 400,000 TEUs per annum. Gateway Rail and CONCOR will jointly provide rail service for the users of this terminal in a seamless manner,” said Rakesh Mehrotra, managing director of CONCOR. The terminal will also facilitate the export-import traffic from the proposed Haryana SEZ. It will have connectivity to the proposed Kundali-Manesar- Palwal Expressway, thus providing direct connectivity to industries in Kundali, Sonepat, Faridabad areas without the need for border-crossing.
(30th of November 2007)

Continental Automotive Systems to set up JV Indian brake systems plant with RICO Auto
Continental AG, for its Automotive Systems Division, has signed a 50/50 joint venture agreement with the Indian RICO Auto Industries Limited to build a hydraulic brake systems plant in India. Series production of hydraulic brake systems will start in the 4th quarter of 2008, with employment of around 450 staff in Gurgaon, near New Delhi. On completion of a 2nd phase the plant will have planned annual turnover of €65 millions (Rs. 357.5 Crores) and would employ 625.
(20th of June 2007)

Continental AG sets up base in India
German automotive systems supplier Continental AG on Thursday said it has begun formal operations in India by setting up a liaison office in Gurgaon and a technical centre in Bangalore. The company has set-up the liaison office to expand its business in India with both domestic and International OEMs while the technical centre, which would employ more than 60 engineers, has been specifically designed to support its global engineering projects.
(18th of May 2007)

24/7 BPO to expand operations, increase headcount
One of India’s leading BPO (business process outsourcing) firms 24/7 Customer on Thursday announced plans to expand its operations and employ over 1,000 people in the next one year. The Bangalore-based company would be opening the new facility in IT hub Gurgaon on the outskirts of the national capital with an investment of $9 million. Currently the company employs 5,000 people globally, out of which 4,000 are in India. The new facility would be the company’s eighth global delivery centre along with other seven that are based in Hyderabad, Chennai, Guatemala and Manila. The centres handle over six million transactions per month.
(2nd of December 2007)

Dell Inc CEO Michael Dell said the company will start producing computers at its first factory in India in July as it forecast sales to double to US$1 billion. Dell, the world’s second-largest personal-computer maker, said that annual sales in India were “rapidly” rising to US$1 billion, from about US$500 million last year. The company could also boost its Indian workforce by half to take advantage of wage costs that are one-sixth of those in the US. Dell plans to boost the number of its employees in India to almost 20,000 in two years, from the 13,000 who write software or work at the sales, research or customer-service units in the nation, Maran said on Nov. 17 at the opening of Dell’s fourth customer-service in Gurgaon, near New Delhi.
(21st of March 2007)

Deal Group Media India
DGM India is a marketing company specialising in search engine marketing, affiliate marketing and online advertising. It is part of DGM of UK which also operates in South Africa, Spain and Australia. DGM India is based in Gurgaon.
(1th of May 2007)

Deeya Energy names CEO, closes $15 million round
East Bay Business Times
Energy-storage startup Deeya Energy Inc. announced a $15 million Series B funding round on Monday and appointed a president and CEO. The Fremont-based clean tech company will use the $15 million to build a factory in Gurgaon, India, and continue research and development. The funding round was led by Menlo Park-based New Enterprise Associates and included money from Menlo Park’s BlueRun Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson and DFJ Element. Deeya is producing recyclable L-Cells with a seven-year battery life. The company says the batteries will be cost-competitive with lead-acid batteries. The company will initially ship to the Indian telecom infrastructure market in the second quarter of 2008.
(9th of January 2008)
NEA invests in Deeya Energy – Gurgaon and Silicon Valley-based company developing electrical energy storage systems designed for greater performance levels and cost efficiency
New Enterprise Associates (NEA), a leading U.S.-based venture capital firm, today announced an investment in Deeya Energy Inc., a clean energy technology company focused on developing and manufacturing novel energy storage systems. The company will use the $15 million from the Series B round, led by NEA and including funds from existing investors BlueRun Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ) and DFJ Element, to support the construction of its factory in Gurgaon, India and its continued R&D activities.
(Bangalore, Karnataka, IND, 2008-01-07 16:00:00

Didi World of Fashion
Garments company based in London (UK), with manufacturing facilities in Gurgaon (Haryana); group companies include Tulips, Richa Fashions, Xcessentials & Vision; product range includes sequin, casual & knitwear garments.

DLF gets environment nod for India’s largest mall
Realty firm DLF Ltd today said it has received environmental approval for developing the Mall of India project — slated to be the country’s largest mall — at a total cost of up to Rs 2,000 crore.
“We have received environmental clearance for the Mall of India project in Gurgaon,” a DLF spokesperson told PTI. The Mall of India will come up at Gurgaon on a 32.87 acre piece of land. It is designed by Jerde Partnership Inc, an international firm of architects. The under-construction Mall of India at Gurgaon has a total lettable area of around 39 lakh square feet and a total land area of 32.87 acres. DLF has secured land for the development of about 44 million square feet of retail space, of which 10 million square feet is under-construction. PTI
(4th of August 2007)

DLF shares rise 11 percent on debut
Shares in real estate firm DLF Ltd. debuted 11 percent higher than their issue price of 525 rupees on Thursday, after the company raised 91.88 billion rupees in India’s biggest-ever IPO. At 0426 GMT, DLF shares were up 6.7 percent at 560.00 rupees on the Bombay Stock Exchange. DLF, which built much of the outsourcing hub of Gurgaon on the outskirts of Delhi, plans to spend nearly 70 billion rupees to buy and develop property. Kotak Mahindra and DSP Merrill Lynch were the lead arrangers for the issue, with Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, ICICI Securities, Lehman Brothers, UBS and SBI Capital Markets.
(5th of July 2007)

Donaldson Company, Inc. is a worldwide designer and manufacturer of filtration systems and parts. Donaldson first entered the India market in 1994 through a joint venture focused on the gas turbine market. In 1999, the Gurgaon location became a wholly owned subsidiary and the product offering extended to diesel engine related filtration solutions.
(8th of February 2007)

DRS Group, a Hyderabad-based company that is into transport, warehousing and education business, is betting big on its logistics operations. DRS group plans to invest Rs 200-250 crore this financial year on expanding its warehousing capacity, which stands at 2.5 lakh (250,000) sqft across Hyderabad, Chennai, Gurgaon and Bhiwandi.
(13th of March 2007)

Eastern Medikit Ltd.
Eastern Medikit Ltd., Plot 196 and 205, Udyog Vihar Phase I, employs 1,150 permanent and 2,000 casual workers plus 200 staff, manufacturing masks, canula and other medical utensils for world-wide export. The permanents get 8,000 Rs per months, the casual workers 2,510 Rs. The casuals work 12 hours per day, they receive double pay over-time payment.
(05th of April 2007)

The joint venture between Dubai-based construction major Emaar and MGF of India, which has announced an integrated township near Chandigarh, are targeting an investment of $12 billion in India over the next five years. The joint venture has nine SEZ proposals, including one each near Hyderabad and Gurgaon.
(3rd of June 2007)

Miami Herald outsourcing copy editing, ad work
The Miami Herald said it is outsourcing some of its copy editing and page layout design work to Mindworks, a prepress production firm based in New Delhi, India. The newspaper said that as part of a test, Mindworks would be responsible for overseeing a weekly section of Broward County community news and other specialty advertising sections. Meantime, The Herald will outsource some of its advertising production to San Jose, Calif.-based Express KCS, following the lead of other McClatchy Co. newspapers such as The Sacramento (Calif.) Bee, Modesto (Calif.) Bee and Fresno (Calif.) Bee.
Express KCS maintains a production facility in Gurgaon, India, and handles ad production for select McClatchy properties, the (Minneapolis) Star Tribune and a number of northern California dailies owned by MediaNews Group Inc., including the San Jose Mercury News.
(8th of January 2008)

Fashion Express
Udyog Vihar Phase I, manufactures shirts and trousers for export. Before the conflict in April Fashion Express employed 110 permanents and 100 to 150 workers hired through contractors. The permanents received between 5,000 and 6,000 Rs, the workers from contractors 120 to 150 Rs per day. The working time usually is from 9 am to 8 pm, six days per week, when necessary seven days per week. All contract workers got fired after the conflict started in March 2007. Fashion Express has got show rooms in New York, buyers are Brownstone, Casual Living, Seventh Avenue, HSN, Saira, Ulla Poppkin, Porpuree, Bad for Fair [?].

HSS, a unit of Flextronics, is the world’s largest provider of broadband satellite network solutions for businesses and consumers, with over 400,000 systems installed in more than 85 countries. HSS began its operations in New Delhi with a team of about 20 professionals and was initially focused on developing software solutions in the areas of VSAT-based networks for voice and data, cellular wireless telephony, packet switching and multi-protocol routing. Within three years, HSS grew to 240 professionals and in 1995, shifted to its present campus at Electronic City, Gurgaon, a New Delhi suburb.
(February 2007)

Gateway Rail Freight Pvt. Ltd.
A Subsidiary of Gateway Distriparks Ltd. and Container Corporation of India Ltd. – CONCOR have entered into an agreement to set up a Joint Venture Company (JVC) to construct and operate a Rail Linked Double-Stack Container Terminal at Garhi Harsaru near Gurgaon in Haryana connecting NCR to the western ports. The terminal will also facilitate the export – import traffic from the proposed Haryana SEZ.
(25th of March 2007)

BPO company Genpact has bagged a $70-80 million five-year contract from a US-based healthcare information service provider for analytics work related to medical claims, spend analysis, clinical data and healthcare claims, a company official said. Genpact has signed a lease and is beginning the construction of a 1 million (10 lakh) square feet facility on a 12-acres plot within the IT SEZ being developed by DLF in Gurgaon (Haryana). These planned expansions follow those made earlier this year in north Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata, Changchun (Genpact’s second city of operations in China), Wroclaw (Poland) and Alabang, the Philippines, outside Manila. Genpact’s current employee strength stands at 26,782, of which over 20,000 associates are based in India across Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Jaipur and Kolkata.
(23rd of January 2006)

GVK Bioscience
GVK Biosciences is one of India’s premier contract research organisation in India with more than 1,300 employees and having facilities in Hyderabad, Chennai and Gurgaon.
(11th of May 2007)

Hero Honda: Munjals just won’t let Honda join its parts
Japanese auto giant Honda’s attempts to cobble together the domestic spare parts business of its various Indian companies under a new entity continuous to be in a limbo due to opposition from the all-powerful Munjal family. People close to the situation said Hero Honda has decided not to transfer its spare parts business to Honda Motors India (HMI) for the time being as the country’s largest motorcycle maker will not have any say in its operations. Hero Honda has a booming auto parts business thanks to its dominant position in the domestic motorcycle industry. The firm sells about two million vehicles per annum and is the market leader by a huge margin. The Munjals, who control about 26% in Hero Honda, fear that they will lose this lucrative business if it is transferred to HMI. “HMI can squeeze margins or decide against sourcing components from these suppliers. There is also a fear that through these suppliers, Honda would start asserting larger control over Hero Honda,” sources said. Honda also owns a 26% in Hero Honda. HMI, a fully owned subsidiary of Honda Motors Corp, Japan, was set up in July 2006 to handle spare parts, IT operations and corporate communication functions of all group companies. In the spare parts business, HMI works like a trading company, where it acquires components from various vendors of all four group companies, and supplies them to distributors. HMI is looking at combining the synergistic activities of Honda Siel Cars India, Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India, Honda Siel Power Equipments and its joint venture Hero Honda. HMI is also facing problems in integrating the spare parts business of Honda Siel Power Products. While HMI has managed to takeover the parts operations of Honda Siel Cars India (HSCI), multiple locations have slowed down integration of Honda Siel Power Products and Honda Motorcycles & Scooters. The company is in the process of figuring out the logistics of the spare parts business of various group companies as they are located in different states like Noida in UP and Gurgaon in Haryana.
(20th of July 2007)

Opens New Development Center in Gurgaon, the fourth in India. “The reason for opening the fourth development center in Gurgaon is to tap the talent in North India”.
(4th of April 2007)

IT and BPO firm Hexaware Technologies is sprucing up to touch a headcount of 10,000 employees, up from its current level of 6700 employees, in the next two years. Also operational in Germany is a center with 35 to 40 people that is housed in the facility of FocusFrame, an acquisition made by Hexaware last year.
gChennai presently comprises of around 70 to 100 people while the Gurgaon center has 225 people. We would be looking for additional space in Gurgaon and would move to our own premises in Chennai and Pune.”
(22nd of April 2007)

House of Pearl
HPF acquires Texport Fashions to cater international clients
The ready-to-wear apparel company, House of Pearl Fashions Ltd (HPF) has acquired Gurgaon-based Texport Fashions exclusively to handle orders from departmental store chain J C Penny of the US and GAP. J C Penny has placed an order of 8-10 million dollars with the company and the entire production at the newly acquired unit would be used to meet this demand.
House of Pearls, which has already established its presence in Bangladesh, plans to acquire another unit there, which may be run with a joint venture partner and the details, would be worked out in a month’s time.
House of Pearl which has concentrated on the woven segment so far, the acquisition of the Gurgaon facility would help it establish a stronghold in the knits segment as well and would contribute 15 million dollars to the group. House of Pearl is also expanding capacity at its Chennai unit by 6-8 million pieces taking the total output to 26 million pieces by the end of the year. House of Pearl has five textile factories in Gurgaon area. In the factory in Udyog Vihar Phase VI, Plot 16-17 about 3,000 workers are employed.
(9th of April 2007)

House of Pearl announces JV with Ansal API
House of Pearl Fashions Limited, has announced that it would be utilizing a large pocket of land owned by its subsidiary, Pearl Global Limited, for commercial development. In this context, it has decided to develop its strategically located plot on National Highway-8 in Narsinghpur, Gurgaon (Haryana) for commercial space. The plot measuring 9.26 acres has been held by the company since 1994 and now falls into commercial zone as per the new master plan. The company has entered into a MoU with Ansal API, one of India’s leading developer, to jointly develop the property.
(16th of July 2007)

Ikea, the world’s largest furniture retailer, has established an office in Gurgaon for market research and learnt to have initiated talks with Indian players for a possible alliance for the domestic market.
(1st of May 2007)

Triangle clinical research organization INC Research said Thursday it has teamed up with GVK Biosciences in a joint venture to offer clinical trial services in India. Gurgaon, India-based GVK and INC Research have agreed to a equal shares in a collaboration that will offer full-service, phase I-IV clinical trials in India for both pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers.
(24th of March 2007)

InfoVision Group
InfoVision Group, India’s largest independent domestic BPO, today announced the expansion of their Western India operations with the opening of a new facility at Borivali. The company recently announced expansion of their Naraina facility in New Delhi. With this, InfoVision now has 3 facilities in New Delhi and Gurgaon with a total 1, 50,000 sq feet of space. The company also has substantial international operations catering to US, UK, Singapore and Australia.
(12th of April 2007)

JBM Group
Business group based in Delhi; flagship is Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd, joint venture with Maruti Udyog Ltd, to manufacture sheet metal components and welded subassemblies for various Maruti Suzuki models; factories at Gurgaon, Faridabad, Pune, Panchmahals.

Passport India Investments (Mauritius) Limited has picked up 6,00,000 equity shares in Koutons Retail India Limited for an investment amount of Rs. 210 million. Passport is a SEBI registered Foreign Institutional Investor (FII) based out of San Francisco, USA with over US$ 1 billion of assets under management.
Koutons has filed its Draft Red Herring Prospectus with SEBI and intends to enter the capital market with an IPO. As on February 28, 2007 the Company had 26 manufacturing and warehouse facilities in and around Gurgaon, and a network of 674 retail outlets across India.
Koutons Retail India Limited is an Indian company branding and marketing its products as “Koutons” and “Charlie Outlaw”.
(20th of April 2007)
Koutons emerges largest apparel chain with 999 outlets
Gurgaon-based Apparel maker Koutons Retail India Limited, which has been an overdrive of expansion, has outsmarted the competition by building up a chain of 999 outlets across the country. As of August 20, 2007 Koutons Retail India Limited had 18 in-house manufacturing/finishing units and 14 warehouses which are spread across various locations in and around Gurgaon, Haryana. The Company’s restated total income and profit after tax were Rs 4036.17 million and Rs 344.87 million respectively as of and for the year ended March 31, 2007 compared to Rs 1583.85 million and Rs 131.98 million respectively as of and for the year ended March 31, 2006.
(14th of September 2007)
Prabhudas posts ‘buy’ on Koutons Retail: Target Rs 1,127
Koutons Retail India, a home grown apparel maker and retailer, has taken fodder for its growth from the changing consumption pattern of the growing middle-class in the country. The company has captured a niche in apparel retailing by setting up a large number of retail outlets and offering good quality products at reasonable prices. Having commenced operations in 2002, the company currently has 1,122 stores spread across 0.82 million square feet in 442 cities. Koutons Retail is expected to expand its total store count to 1,385 in 2007-08 (1 million square feet) and 2,000 in 2008-09 (1.5 million square feet) and further to 2,600 in 2009-10 (2 million square feet). The company now has 21 in-house manufacturing/finishing units and 15 warehouses, which are spread across various locations in and around Gurgaon, Haryana. It has increased its annual finishing and manufacturing capacity from 3,000,000 to 22,920,000 and 12,360,000 pieces of apparel as of March 31, 2007. Koutons posted net revenue of Rs 402.4 crore and net profit of Rs 34.5 crore in 2006-07 (April-March). Prabhudas expects the company to post revenue of Rs 904.8 crore in 2007-08, Rs 1,515.7 crore in 2008-09, Rs 2,194.6 crore in 2009-10; profit after tax of Rs 80 crore in 2007-08, Rs 134.4 crore in 2008-09, Rs 220.5 crore in 2009-10; and earning per share of Rs 26.2 in 2007-08, Rs44 in 2008-09, Rs 72.2 in 2009-10.
(4 Dec, 2007, 0942 hrs IST, INDIATIMES NEWS NETWORK)

Lockheed Martin setting up centre for innovation in Gurgaon
US defence and aerospace major Lockheed Martin Corp has entered into a 50:50 collaborative venture with Bangalore-based Wipro to set up a centre for innovation in Gurgaon on the edge of Delhi – its third such facility globally.
(3rd of August 2007)

Lumax Industries
Lumax Industries
The company is engaged in the manufacturing of whole range of lighting equipment, including head lights, fog lights, sealed beams, rear lights, blinker lights, rear view, mirrors, sheet metal components and a wide range of auto ancillaries such as filters, switchers, wiper arms/blades, plastic components & reflex reflectors. Presently, the company has four manufacturing units at Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgaon and Pune.
(12th of June 2007)

Magna Powertrain and Rico Auto sign joint venture agreement
The world’s third largest auto components maker, Magna International Inc., wants to add stampings, door and seating systems and metal products to its India portfolio. Magna Powertrain has a joint venture with Amtek Auto Ltd, while Magna Donnelly has tied up with Lumax Automotive Technologies Ltd. Magna Steyr and Cosma are the Canadian company’s engineering centres in India. Magna Powertrain, a business unit of Canadian-based Magna International, has signed an agreement with Rico Auto Industries to establish a 50:50 joint venture facility in Gurgaon, Haryana. The unit, to be operational by 2009, will be set up at Rico’s facilities in Gurgaon, and will manufacture oil and water pumps with aluminium housings for automotive engine applications for Indian and European markets.
(19th of October 2007)

Maruti Udyog Ltd has announced that, Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Chief Minister of Haryana inaugurated three world-class manufacturing facilities set up by Suzuki Motor Corporation (SMC) and the Company. The facilities inaugurated are as follow:
– The Company’s fourth car Assembly plant
– A diesel engine and transmission plant, set up under a joint venture of SMC and the Company called Suzuki Powertrain India Ltd (SPIL).
– SMC’s two-wheeler plant in Gurgaon, Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt Ltd (SMIPL).
The Company’s fourth car assembly plant, inaugurated on February 06, 2007, started with an initial capacity of 100,000 cars per year. This will be scaled up to 300,000 cars per year. The Company currently operates three fully integrated plants within its campus in Gurgaon. While the three plants have a total installed capacity of 350,000 cars per year, several productivity improvements over the years have enabled the company to manufacture nearly 630,000 cars per year at the Gurgaon facilities.
Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt Ltd (SMIPL) is a subsidiary of SMC and is based in Gurgaon. SMIPL has an annual capacity of 100,000 units.
The company has requested the government for extension of CNG/LPG pipeline from Gurgaon to Manesar (a distance of about 25 km) to enable its new plants use the fuels for power. The MUL plants currently use high power diesel for power generation and limited amount of LPG in the painting booth. MUL has similarly petitioned the government for support on industrial water supply by extending the canal water line from Gurgaon to Manesar and supply of stable and inexpensive power.
Maruti Udyog, the country’s largest car company, has recently hired 130 women to work in its factory. About a third of them work on the shop floor.
(6th of February 2007)
India`s largest car-maker Maruti Udyog (MUL) posted a 24.3% rise in net profits for the fourth quarter ended March 2007 to Rs 4,485.6 million as compared with Rs 3,609.20 million for the corresponding quarter in 2006. Total income for this period increased 36.6% to Rs 46,347.40 million as against Rs 33,922.70 million. For the financial year ended March 2006, the Gurgaon-based company registered 31.36% jump in net profits to Rs 15,619.80 million as compared with Rs 11,890.50 million during the same quarter in the previous year. Total income for the period in comparison increased 22.2% to Rs 152,523.00 million, as against Rs 124,814.30 million.
(25th of April 2007)
Suzuki to double production capacity in India by 2010
Suzuki Motorcycles India, a subsidiary of Japan’s Suzuki Motor Corporation, currently has a capacity to manufacture 1.7 lakh at its Gurgaon plant. This capacity is expected to be scaled up to 2.2 lakh units in the next financial year. The company has already utilised 6.5 acres of land and remaining area of 30.5 acres is left for land development and future expansions, Sheel said.
(18th of September 2007)
Maruti invests in R&D

Defying odds in a sluggish market, Maruti reported a 26.95 per cent rise in its net profit for the second quarter ended September 30. The company’s net profit for the quarter stood at Rs 466.5 crore as against Rs 367.44 crore in the corresponding period last year on the back of higher domestic vehicle sales, which were up 17.8 per cent to 179,154 units compared to 149,518 units in the same quarter of last fiscal. Total income during the second quarter grew 33.7 per cent to Rs 4,735.8 crore as against Rs 3,540.89 crore in the quarter year ago while for the first six months of the current fiscal, it reported a 31.08 per cent rise in net profit to Rs 966.10 crore compared to Rs 737.01 crore a year ago and a total income of Rs 8,889.9 crore, up 30.5 per cent from Rs 6809.86 crore in the year ago period.While the company was earlier planning to set up a research and development facility in its plant at Manesar, Maruti will now have a separate R&D centre in Haryana. “We have already sought 500 acres of land from the Haryana government to set up the R&D facility,” Suzuki said adding that it will be the second largest facility for SMC after Japan, and it will be used to develop products not only for India but also for global markets.
(15th of October 2007)
Maruti, Magneti Marelli, Suzuki form joint venture
Maruti Udyog Ltd has informed BSE that Magneti Marelli, Suzuki Motor Corporation and Maruti Suzuki India Ltd have signed an agreement for the creation of a joint venture in India aimed at the production of electronic control units (ECUs) for diesel engines. According to the agreement, Magneti Marelli will contribute 51 per cent of the share capital of the new company, Suzuki 30 per cent and Maruti 19 per cent. The initial investment is expected to total 15 million euros (Rs 75 crore). The industrial facilities of the joint venture will be located at Manesar in the industrial district of Gurgaon, some 40 km from New Delhi. It will be part of the Suppliers’ Park spread over 100 acres being set up by Maruti Suzuki at its campus in Manesar. The start of production is scheduled for the end of the 2008 calendar year. As part of the objectives, the production of the plant is expected to reach 500,000 units per year. The units produced at Manesar will be initially used for Maruti Suzuki diesel cars and will later on cater to other car manufacturer.
(20th of October 2007)

Metro Tyres
Metro Tyres, situated in Ludhiana, Gurgaon and Noida plans to expand production capacities.
(2nd of February 2007)

Metso eyes higher market share
Finland-based Metso Paper Inc, leading supplier of technology for pulp, paper & power industry processes, was eyeing a 40 per cent market share in the paper segment by December 2008. It had service and manufacturing workshops for fibre processing machinery near Gurgaon, and was also looking at expanding the operations, said Jain. It currently had a manufacturing base in China and imported machinery for sale in India. The Chinese facility of Metso had around 1000 people and enjoyed 80 per cent share of the Chinese paper processing machinery market, claimed Jain. In India it was making fibre processing machine components currently. Metso had offices in 156 countries and was betting on South East Asia contributing nearly 50 per cent of paper sales. Group turnover was 6 billion euros last year.
(Kolkata February 11, 2008)

Mitsubishi Electric Automotive India Pvt. Ltd. (MEAI) is a 100% owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (MELCO), Manufacturing Distributors, Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and Alternators for cars using MELCO advanced technologies. MEAI was established in 1998 at Chennai as a joint venture company between Mitsubishi Electric Corporation – holding 74% shares & Mitsubishi Corporation holding balance 26%. The total capital investment was Rs.70 millions. MEAI shifted to its existing plant at Manesar, Distt-Gurgaon in order to be in the close vicinity of its main customers, MARUTI & HONDA, so as to service them even better. The capital investment is Rs.190 millions currently.
(29th of January 2007)

Nippon Paint
A joint-venture between Nippon Paint and Nipsea Holdings (Singapore). Will set up manufacturing units in Chennai and Gurgaon. Start of production is 2008, maximum production capacity 40,000 tons per year each.
(March 2007)

Nisshin Steel and Sumitomo Steel to Make Steel for Indian Cars
Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd. and Sumitomo Corporation announce their agreement to establish a three-party joint venture company (JV) to manufacture and supply steel tubes for the India’s automobile component industry, in cooperation with JBM Group, an India’s leading auto component supplier. The JV will be named “ANS STEEL TUBES PRIVATE LIMITED” and located at Faridabad, near New Delhi, in the state of Haryana, while Delhi area is a largest manufacturing hub for the India’s automobile industry.
(18th of June 2007)

Orient Craft
OCL plans Rs 2000 cr textile SEZ in Gurgaon
Gurgaon News: The garment exporter, Orient Craft Ltd (OCL) with an investment of Rs 2000 crore plans to develop a 750-acre textile SEZ in Gurgaon, OCL managing director, Mr Sudhir Dhingra said here on November 16. The MD further informed that company acquired 460 acres of land for the purpose and will expand it to 750 acres for SEZ which is expected to house specialty players of the textile industry and to provide employment to about 30,000 people.
(17th of November 2006)

Korean steel major Posco inaugurated on Thursday its first processing centre in the country which will serve the electronics and automobile manufacturers in Pune and the western region. Posco is planning to set up another steel processing unit in India in the next few months. This is likely to be in Gurgaon and will largely work with the automobile and electrical and electronics manufacturers in the north India region. Bang did not confirm the development, but sources close to the plans said the second Posco IPS will come in Gurgaon as a joint venture with another Korean major Samsung.
(28th of December 2006)

Indian contract manufacturer Promed has finally opened its newly-built parenteral manufacturing plant in Himachal Pradeshon, India.
Designed to meet international standards, the site, which was originally expected to open in the third quarter of last year, is now undertaking contract manufacturing, formulation and analytical development of small-volume parenterals (containers between 0.5ml and 20ml) using blow-fill-seal technology, primarily on behalf of drug manufacturers in the Russian market.
The firm also opened a new research facility, the Promed Research Centre (PRC), in nearby Gurgaon in February last year, and with a team of 60 scientists who are engaged in developing new formulations, the R&D site will also support Promed’s new manufacturing plant.
(25th of April 2007)

Travel solutions firm Samsonite Corporation is looking for prospective partners for outsourcing its product manufacturing in Tamil Nadu and Gurgaon. The company is negotiating with a Hyderabad-based firm for outsourcing shoe manufacturing, the segment it plans to re-enter by the year end. The move comes after Samsonite announced that it will be gradually phasing out manufacturing from India. The company’s Nashik facility is its second largest in the world.
(31st of January 2007)

Digital technology leader, Samsung India Electronics Private Limited’s $100-million manufacturing plant at Sriperumbudur, its second in the country after the one at Manesar near Gurgaon, will go on stream by August 2007. The company, which has so far invested around $22 million in the 80-acre plant, plans to roll out colour TVs and computer monitors in the first phase by mid-August, followed by other consumer electronic durables like refrigerators, air-conditioners, washing machines and printers in the second phase by March-April next year.
The plant in Manesar, Gurgaon is very small – only 250 workers assembling imported components (components from Korea). There is one shift of only or mostly women that runs from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm but sometimes they are not released for another hour or so, as they have to meet with the production manager on the days when they don’t achieve the production targets. The other 2 shifts are mostly or only men workers and these run from 4:00 pm – midnight and midnight to 8am the next morning.
(13th of March 2007)

Mercury Press
The San Jose (Calif.) Mercury News is outsourcing its ad production to a U.S. firm with offices in India, following the lead of other MediaNews Group dailies. The Mercury News will be sending its ad work to Express KCS, which maintains digital production offices in Gurgaon, India. The Mercury News will begin outsourcing work July 1 and complete the transition by Aug. 30.
(4th of April)

TT Electronics in car sensor deal
UK based TT electronics has secured a contract with India’s major car producer Tata Motors Ltd. TT Electronics will supply speed sensors for the Nano, the new minicab that was released by Tata Motors in January. No financial details on the deal were relived. The sensors will be produced in India by Padmini TT electronics Private Ltd., a joint venture between TT electronics and Padmini VNA Private Ltd, in Gurgaon, India, Hemscott reports.
(February 13 2008, 5:34 AM evertiq)

With an increased focus on non-carbonated offerings, PepsiCo India is integrating the distribution for its carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) and non-carbonated offerings like juices, juice drinks and sports drinks. It has also set up a laboratory in Gurgaon to use international technology to launch locally-relevant products.
(11th of April 2007)

Swedish bus maker plans JV to drive on Indian roads
Scania AB and Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd JV will manufacture a range of buses in India that will be available 18 months from now. According to a person familiar with the development who did not wish to be identified, the company is close to finalizing a joint venture (JV) with Gurgaon-based auto component manufacturer, Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd (JBML), which ended 2006-07 with Rs5,19.5 crore in revenue and Rs11.97 crore in net profit. The JV will manufacture a range of buses in India that will be available 18 months from now, added this person who said that a team of senior executives from Scania recently visited JBML’s facilities, which makes a range of parts for supply to India’s largest car maker, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. Scania is looking to build a chassis manufacturing facility as well as a bus-body building factory in north India, said the person. The JV will initially manufacture buses at JBML’s current facilities.
(12th of January 2008)

SAP wants to invest 1 Billion USD in India
The company announces that the number of clients in INdia has increased to 2.000. Major investments will take place in Bangalore and Gurgaon.
(28th of September 2007)

Despite the limbo on exports for emerging businesses, domestic car majors source heavily from them. The Gurgaon-based Sandhar Technologies, for instance, supplies locks, rearview mirrors, door handles, plastic injection moulded and fabricated components to Hero Honda, Honda Siel Cars India, TVS Motor, Tata Motors and Eicher.
“The wave of entrepreneurship in the auto components sector was supported by the introduction of good manufacturing practices and sharing of tech know-how by the Japanese OEMs. Some OEMs have also extended financial support to their suppliers. OEMs, however, have not been of much help when it comes to suppliers facing rising raw material costs and high interest rates,” points out Jamil Ashraf, CEO, Sandhar Technologies.
The story is no different at the Delhi-based Rs 30-crore Horizon Industrial Products. “Financial constraints are a major concern for emerging enterprises in the auto sector. Interest rates in India sit at 11-12%, compared to 1-2% in Japan and 3-4% in Europe.
(24th of April 2007)

Sauer Danfoss
Engineered systems maker Sauer Danfoss Inc has set up a manufacturing facility at Kesnand near Pune, at an investment of $7 million (about Rs 30 crore). The plant will manufacture 2,50,000 units of hydraulic components annually. The $1.7 billion Sauer Danfoss, which manufactures engineered hydraulic, electric and electronic systems for mobile equipments like tractors and earth-movers, is also considering to make India the base for sourcing components for its global sourcing programme. The product portfolio of the company includes hydraulic transmissions, open cicuit products, orbital motors, valves, steering systems inverters annd mobile electronic control. Prior to this, Sauer Danfoss had a presence in India through a brake valve unit in Gurgaon and later through a leased facility.
(17th of May 2007)

The company which has opened its fifth BPO centre at Gurgaon in India, plans to double its India headcount to 8,000 by next year. It plans make the Gurgaon BPO its biggest centre in the world. Sitel-India employs 4000 people in its four centres in Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. The company caters to clients from the telecom, finance and retail sector. Sitel-India is a 50:50 joint venture with the Tata Group.
(24th of March 2007)

Stephen P. Macmillan, president and CEO of Kalamazoo-based Stryker Corp., said the opportunity for growth in the medical devices industry is significant. The industry reaped about $225 billion in revenue in 2006, he said in a speech at the annual MichBio meeting in Ypsilanti. Stryker already is capitalizing on the potential of the medical devices industry. The company has expanded its product line and has achieved six consecutive years of double-digit revenue growth. Last month, Macmillan visited India, which is producing engineering graduates far more rapidly than the United States. Stryker recently opened a “global technology center” facility in Gurgaon, India.
(5th of April 2007)

Leading manufacturer of power inverters, UPS and batteries Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd will soon foray into the US market and has already designated some distributors to cater to its needs there.”We have appointed three distributors in the US and now the company’s major focus would be growing in the US, Canadian and Australian markets,” Su-Kam CEO Kunwer Sachdev told media. Su-Kam already has a manufacturing facility in Gurgaon. This year, the company bagged major orders from Reliance and Essar and is also in talks with leading telecom companies to instal inverters on all major cell sites.
(24th of December 2006)

Austrian construction company Strabag has bagged a Rs 500-crore (over 83 million Euros) contract from the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. The project will be completed in 38 months, by its German subsidiary Dywidag International, which manages a consortium of two Indian, one Japanese and one South Korean, companies — the Metro Tunnelling Group (MTG). The companies in the consortium include, L&T, Ircon, Samsung of Korea and Shimuzu of Japan. A DMRC spokesperson confirmed the development. “The project includes design and construction of the civil work of the tunnel,” he told ET. This is part of the second phase of metro development that will extend the network to the International Airport, Gurgaon, Noida and Badarpur.
(10th of April)

Transport Corporation of India (TCI)
TCI has acquired a vessel worth Rs 38 crore with a capacity for 312 twenty-feet container units. It plans to acquire three more vessels in the next three years at an investment of about Rs 80 crore. The company expects to double its revenue from the shipping business by ’09-10.
TCI has acquired land in Gurgaon, Pune, Chennai, Nagpur, Kolkata and Hoshiarpur. This will increase its total warehousing capacity to 7.5 million sq ft from the current 6.5 million sq ft. The company plans to increase its land base to 10 million sq ft by FY10, which will aid its supply chain business. The management expects to grow its transport business by 5-10%, XPS segment by 15-20%, coastal shipping by 10-15% and supply chain solutions by over 50% over the next couple of years. The major concern for the company is working capital pressure — TCI operates close to 6,000 trucks on a daily basis. Out of these, about 2,000 are hired on spot and the company has to pay 60% margin of the freight in advance to the owner, whereas the actual recovery takes place 45-60 days hence.
(14th of April 2007)

Transport Corporation of India Q1 net climbs 41.90%
Gurgaon-based Transport Corporation of India (TCIL) registered a substantial jump of 41.90% in net profits for the quarter ended June, 2007. During the quarter, the company saw a rise in profits to Rs 56.9 million from Rs 40.1 million in the same quarter, last year. Transport Corporation of India is an integrated logistics company based in India. TCIL operates a fleet of over 7,000 trucks. It has six business divisions: transport, express, supply chain solutions, shipping, fuel trading and wind energy divisions.
(28th of July 2007)

US-based legal process outsourcing firm, UnitedLex, on Thursday launched its first offshore delivery centre in India, to serve its clients in North America and Europe and would employ 500 people in the next three years. The centre at Gurgaon will comprise 80-85 per cent of its global business in the next three years, UnitedLex CEO Daniel Reed told reporters here.
(19th of January 2007)

Uppal Group-Luxor Group SPV signs MoU with Trinity Capital
A special purpose vehicle (SPV) formed by Delhi based real estate Uppal Group and Luxor Group, today announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Trinity Capital (PLC), a US based boutique investment banking and restructuring firm. The two companies also announced divestment of their partial shareholding in the SPV in favor of Trinity Capital for over Rs. 300 crore. The SPV was floated by the two companies to develop 10 million sq. ft. on a 67-acre plot for their upcoming notified SEZ’s in Gurgaon. Of the total space, 6.5 million sq ft will be used directly as IT space and 3.5 million sq ft will be developed for supporting usage. The project scheduled to start by the second half of 2007, is one of notified SEZ’s in the Delhi and NCR region, located in Gurgaon. The SEZ is ideally located, 25 km from Delhi international airport and on the main Delhi to Jaipur Highway – NH 24. The government-approved notification was issued to the Group in April this year. The National Capital Region contains the second highest number of employees in the IT/ITES sector in India. There is currently 7.9 million sq ft of IT/ITES space in the region (Trammell Crow: Major IT-ITES Hubs in India – A Snapshot, February 2007) however none of the developments have SEZ notification. SEZs will be particularly attractive to the IT/ITES sector as existing fiscal benefits (under the Software and Technology Parks of India) may be lifted in 2009. As such, SEZs may be the only facilities offering fiscal benefits to developers and lessees after 2009 and it is likely that a significant proportion of demand for IT space will I be directed towards SEZs.
(23rd of June 2007)

Wesley Clover
Wesley Clover begins operations here
Canada-based investment and technology group Wesley Clover Corporation today announced the setting up of its operations in India. The new company, Wesley Clover Solutions Pvt Ltd, based in Gurgaon, has been incorporated to develop new and existing business opportunities in the burgeoning Indian high technology market. The Wesley Clover operations in India would work closely with other business affiliates and partners to introduce latest Internet Protocol (IP) technologies, such as advanced IP communications solutions from Mitel.
(Wednesday, 12 December , 2007, 10:17)

Whirlpool India, earmarked an investment of Rs 1.56 billion for production and marketing purposes over the next year-and-a-half. The company, plans to invest around USD 20 million (Rs 860 million), over the next 18 months to be utilised in all aspects of production of its product line, including strengthening the manufacturing facilities in Faridabad, Puducherry and Pune. The company`s, operating profit have gone up considerably from Rs 20 million during the nine-month period April-December 2005 to Rs 440 million for the same period in 2006. The company hopes to maintain the growth and achieve net profits by 2008. The company, earlier during the day, launched four new products under the refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner and dryer categories.
(5th of April 2007)

The Faridabad plant currently makes 16 lakh units of direct- cool refrigerators, Pune 6 lakh frost-free refrigerators and Puduchery 6.5 lakh washing machines a year. Whirlpool plans to import 150,000 ACs this fiscal, against around 100,000 last year.
(12th of April 2007)

Wipro, India’s third-biggest software company, won a five-year integrated IT services order worth 130 mln usd from UK utility Thames Water, the Economic Times reported. This is the largest single deal the company has won from Thames Water, the report said.
(29th of September 2007)

Zentek Technology, a digital consumer electronics software maker from Japan, is going to set up a development base in Gurgaon.
(25th of March 2007)

ZTE Corp
Chinese telecom equipment giant ZTE Corp, which sees India as its most important market, is setting up a second manufacturing plant in the country as part of its expansion plans. The company, which started its operations in India in 2001, had set up its first plant at Manesar, Haryana, with an investment of almost Rs.40-50 million in 2005, mainly to manufacture handsets. ‘We are looking for suitable sites in West Bengal, Haryana and Tamil Nadu for setting up our second manufacturing unit which will have more capacity as it will be a much bigger unit than the existing one,’ Dilip Kumar Ghosh, chairman and managing director, ZTE India, told IANS. Currently, ZTE employs about 500 people in India. And it has plans to increase the headcount significantly within the next six months for its offices in Gurgaon, Mumbai and Bangalore.
(1st of April 2007)
ZTE to make phones in India, its second largest market after China
SHENZEN (CHINA): “ZTE’s s target is to produce 30 million handsets this year and it hopes to ship over 10 million of these to India. In 2006, the company produced about 15 million handsets and shipped about 6 million of it to India,” company handset systems senior vice-president He Shiyou, told ET. According to He Shiyou, though ZTE’s repair and maintenance facility near Gurgaon was already undertaking handset assembly on a limited scale, the company was watching market developments closely and studying component suppliers to set up a full-fledged plant in another part of the country.
ZTE’s announcement comes just weeks after Nokia, the world’s largest handset maker also revealed that India had overtaken the US and the UK in the second quarter to become its second biggest market by volumes after China.
Interestingly, Nokia has produced 60 million handsets at its factory in Chennai since it was set up 18 months back of which 50% have already been exported to a total of about 58 countries. With India adding over 7 million new mobile connections every month and having emerged as the world’s fastest growing mobile market by a long margin, analysts say that the country will soon be amongst the top three markets for all global handset majors.
(17th of September 2007)

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