Gurgaon Videos

Following you can find some short clips from Gurgaon. They might provide some – shakey, unsharp – impressions of some situations mentioned in the reports.

Labournet.tv – An archive for workers’ struggle video documentaries:


Many Straws Make A Nest – Documentary on Gurgaon workers’ conditions and struggles, 2009:

Many Straws Make A Nest

Videos by Mazdoor Ekta Manch – an NGO / Union in Gurgaon

Short Documentary on Gurgaon
Film on Death of Worker at Modelama Exports

Short Video Clip by New York Times from 2011

New York Times Video

Middle-Class Life and Pedantic Philantrophism in Gurgaon

Rather Annoying Material on Bourgeoise Social Semi-Blindness

Bengali Documentary on Honda HMSI Struggle, 2005

Rare film-material on struggle of Honda HMSI workers in Gurgaon, 2005

Various interviews with workers in Gurgaon, Summer 2009


Video-News-Footage about Rico workers’ strike/lock-out in Gurgaon in October 2009


Masses of workers arriving at industrial state Udyog Vihar for morning shift
The industrial area is only one of many areas in Gurgaon. Most of the factories are manufacturing apparels for export.


Gurgaon MC
Make-shift collage starting with a workers’ assembly, passing the industrial areas around the Hero Honda factory, showing different proletarian living situations and street life. Featuring Punjabi MC.


Attack on Honda HMSI Workers in 2005
Two parts of Video footage of the police attack against the Honda workers. For a longer report on the struggle see Newsletter No.7.



Shopping Malls
Shopping Malls in Gurgaon are places of badly paid jobs (2.000 Rupies per month for supermarket helper), middle class arrogance and wastage of resources (100.000 litres of water and several thousands litres of diesel for generators per day)



National Highway No.8
The short clip gives some impressions of the National Highway. Hundreds of workers have to cross this highway everyday – on foot – in order to get to work. There are hardly any safe ways to get from one part of Gurgaon to the other. The important supply link for the local industries has already killed dozens since it was opened in 2005/06.


Traffic jam, most of the cars are heading towards the local call centres. The automobile boom adds another 1.000 cars to Delhi traffic everyday, the machine jams itself.


Middle Class Areas
Some pictures from middle class areas. Most of these areas are supplied by a mass of service workers – cleaners, housemaids – they live in nearby slums.


Short clip showing some huts of those workers who have built the cooperate towers in the background.


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  1. Hello from melbourne Australia

    Very interesting !

    We have more Indian students and workers here and it will be good to have something to ask and discuss with them besides CRICKET !

    keep up the good work – and play

    mebourne IWW

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