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Faridabad Majdoor Samaachaar
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Faridabad 121001

105 Responses to “Contact and Sign-up for Newsletter”

  1. Sarah Schilliger Says:

    Social scientist and activist in the antiimperialist movement in Switzerland, interested in India from below.

  2. Harsh Kapoor Says:

    Comrades, keep up with this excellent resource. Sign me on to the newsletter.

  3. Dhruv Jain Says:

    Please sign me on to the newsletter. I am an Indian activist currently based in Toronto, Canada. Would like to know more about the project as well, like who is involved etc.

  4. Sonali Biswas Says:

    congrats friends, go ahead with the project and pl sign me to this newsletter.

  5. Please sign me on to the newsletter. Greek student of medicine, former worker in a just-national call center
    we ve set up a blog (still under construction) with fellow workers in the call center.unfortunately the blog archive is just in greek…)

  6. Just an unemployed skilled worker Says:

    Please sign me up to your newsletter. I don’t know whether this is the right place for questions like these, but i’d like to ask you: How many people are involved in this project? What is their age and gender? Are they Indians or immigrants? Have they (or some of them) got higher education? In what productive sectors are they employed for the time being? This is something like an inquiry for the inquirers. But for me it is very intersting from a proletarian point of view to investigate the composition of the people running collective projects aiming at developing class struggles. Cheers.

  7. gill vinod Says:

    please sign me for your news letter . i a social activist

  8. govinda Says:

    sign us for your news letter

  9. mani Says:

    It is a good initiative. Looking forward to get your newsletter.

  10. Suhas M.Kini Says:

    Please send me the newsletter in future.

  11. badrinathan Says:


    It was great piece of work from your team and would love to sign up your newsletter. Kindly do the needful

  12. mukul Says:

    subscribe me for this

  13. Ankit Gupta Says:


    This is a very good and helpfull inititive. We are the Tata group company with head office in Kolkatta and branches all over India. We have our plants in Jamshedput, Pune and Faridabad. We are the biggest steel service centre in Asia.

    Kindly sign me up for the monthly newsletter.


  14. Anshul Goel Says:


    This is really great work by your team. It could be better if you would add company addresses and phone numbers as well. Great attempt. Certainly would like to subscribe for monthly newsletter.


  15. Anshul Goel Says:


    This is really great work by your team. Would have been better if you could add addresses and phone numbers of the companies. Great Attempt. Certainly would like to subscribe for the weekly news letter.

    Anshul Goel

  16. harsh Says:

    kindly send me news for new upcoming office places and companies shifting offices to and from gurgaon

  17. Noel Gomes Says:

    Pl sign me on for yr news letter on Gurgaon. I am a resident and work for a private organisation in Gurgaon. I would apppreciate receiving news on the industrial development in & around Gurgaon.It is really a good media to know more about our very own city through yr site and I shall also inform my friends to join up.

    Thanks & Regards.

    Noel Gomes

  18. B.Sivaraman Says:

    Warm appreciation for the good work you people are doing. Kindly send me a copy of your monthly newsleter to my e-mail address.
    Thanking you,

  19. Madhu Dutta-Koehler Says:

    I deeply appreciate the incredibly valuable work that the Gurgaon Worker’s News is doing in trying to get the word out. It is important that these issues get high visibility – for something to be done. I am currently a PhD candidate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technolgy in USA and am working on the masterplanning problems in Gurgaon. I have worked as an architect and urban planner and as a professor in architecture for the past 14 years in the USA – and am deeply interested in the state of growth (?!) in India.

    Please sign me up for the newsletter.

  20. philip adoh Says:

    send me info, about your company and how i can receive training from nigeria.

  21. natalie gupta Says:

    My compliments for producing this insightful newsletter. I am currently starting a PhD on labour standards and poverty linkage and this newsletter is quite thought provoking. Please sign me up.
    best wishes

  22. Anannya Bhattacharjee Says:

    Please sign me up for newsletter. We are organising workers in gurgaon. Please also let me know whom we should contact in your orgsniation. Thanks.

  23. Bandana Says:


    Please sign me up for newsletter. I live and work in Gurgaon and often wonder about the plight of underprivileged in this ‘millennium city’!


  24. abhi sen Says:

    i m a student of a management coll & i hav given a task of getting a basic idea that how a 4 wheeler is being manufactured or in simple word basic manufacturing process of 4 wheeller of maruti udyog ltd so plz help me by forwarding sufficient informatic data it ll be very helpful
    thanking you
    abhi sen

  25. Network IT Says:


    Your newsletter would be of great interest.

    Your articles are very interesting and give us a better understanding of what is going on in India.

    Network IT

  26. Jay Brophy Says:

    I am a retired member of the International Union of Operating Engineers and a current Delegate for the Los Angeles- General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World. In Solidarity, Jay, Los Angeles,California, USA

  27. CHIRAD Says:

    i am working at gurgaon.
    i also want to ragister my self for news latter.

  28. Mark Gawne Says:

    I am an activist in australia, non aligned with any particular organisation. I am also a phd candidate at university of sydney, working on class composition and struggle, specifically in relation to precarious work. i would appreciate receiving your news letter.

    in solidarity,

  29. Atanu Basu Says:

    I am an independent left in Noida. Not very much active though, but used to read left articles on website.

    This website if properly maintained will help a lot to understand the workers conditions of Noida and Gurgaon

  30. Probal Sinha Says:

    I am in the HR profession and keen to be updated on labour issues.

  31. V.Mustkass Says:


    please sign me up to your newsletter. I am an it-worker in germany interested in the working conditions of the colleagues in india.

    Thanks for producing this great newsletter!

  32. Zahid Anwar Says:

    please sign me up to your newsletter. myself working in print Media,(Khabren Saat Din Ki, 7days) Ranchi, Jharkhand

  33. Kevin Says:


    I do temp work in San Francisco’s Financial District, and I’m very interested in hearing more about your efforts. Here unfortunately social peace and an ever declining standard of living prevail, for now at least.

    Best of luck to you,

    Against wage labor,

    Kevin in SF

  34. Dylan Hall Says:

    I pretend to sell Computer COnsoles but really i am a thief. I steel money from potential customers but do not send any goods

  35. Stewart Mcintyre Says:

    fuck you ya cunts

  36. Ankit Ganeriwala Says:

    please sign me up to your news letter.I am a 3rd year b.tech student of computer engineering.

  37. Devesh Panwar Says:

    I need information about recruitment in automobile company of gurgaon.i have diploma in mechanical engg.& i am pursuing post diploma in CAD/CAM. from Indo German Tool Room. Indore.

  38. raju william Says:

    please sign me up to your newsletter. i am a working as reporter for The Tribune at gurgaon.

  39. Marco Says:

    Hi, I am Marco from Italy. Interested to follow your newsletter.
    Good work
    Thank you

  40. Dear Editor,

    We are based in Gurgaon and working nation wide on improving workplace conditions and would like to subscribe to this newsletter.

    Best regards,

  41. S.K.YADAV Says:

    I am working at gurgaon.
    I also want to ragister my self for news latter.

  42. Dear friends
    you are doing a very important work for the cause of labour. I am a researcher and working on labour issues.Pl register me for the news letter

  43. Suvro Mallick Says:

    Please enroll me.

  44. r.berbling Says:

    hooray for news fron india we get none from the australian media.

  45. vipin Says:

    I am interested in your newsletter. please send me at my email.

  46. Dr. Winifred Poster Says:

    What an amazing website! Please send me the newsletter and any other information or updates.

  47. Raj Shahani Says:

    We under take on site repair of Crank Shaft, Engine Block, Connecting Rods etc. of high capacity engine.

    Also supply new / reconditioned spare parts and engine

  48. Pramod Kumar Says:

    I am working in Gurgaon. Plz accept my request for becoming up to date in this city.

  49. musleh uddin Mohon Says:

    dear sir,
    I am from Bangladesh. Please give us Cylinder Head Gaskets manufacturer in Gurgoan, Harayana.

    Thanking you

  50. Hi,

    Great newsletter, please sign me up. I publish a regular anarchist newsletter in Australia and I am interested in including information / editorial’s / stories about what is happening in Gurgaon. I would be interested in including some of your stories into my newsletter, could you please advise your acceptance and, if you wish, a name that I can place at the end of the story. If you would like some samples of my newsletter, you can download them from my site.

    Kindest regards


  51. Wrick Mitra Says:


    Please sign me up for the newsletter.



  52. Jagdish Patel Says:

    I already receive by post Hindi Faridabad Mazdoor Samachar since last so many years now. Pl.sign me for this too. I am happily surprised to see this.Congrats

  53. manyouke Says:


  54. Ravinder Panwar Says:

    Pls send us details

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  56. Prashant Says:

    I am working as lead auditor in MNC in the field of social audits / technical audits. I want to sign in on this web site to have better knowledge of this field.

    This is really very great work done by you.

    Best wishes!

  57. Padmaja Dave Says:

    Please send me regular updates

  58. Very interesting news. Please sign me up for newsletter.


  59. Neha Kaushik Says:

    it is really interesting to see that u have taken into account different strata of workers. please sign me up for the newsletter. good work.

    neha kaushik

  60. Vishwajit Says:

    Great work! Please sign me up for the newsletter!

  61. New ATV Says:

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  62. fine resource site! My spouse and i am loving this!! Likely will come back again – taking you rss feeds at the same time,

  63. Shruti Says:

    Hi, I’m a journalist in Delhi and would like to be signed up to your newsletter. Many thanks.

  64. salil Says:

    Iam working in kerala and would like to be signed up for your news letter

  65. mgsunil Says:

    Dear Comrade,

    We need unity and integrity for gathering the mass.

    At present time, we all understand the situation and work together.


  66. Padmaja Shaw Says:

    I am a journalism professor at a university in India. I am interested in labour movement in India and elsewhere. I find your resource on working class struggles/issues very useful and contemporary. Please continue the good work and sign me on for the newsletter.

  67. We have already made a request for permission to post your latest write up ‘Misery is Relative’ on our website socialism.in, awaiting response,
    Jagadish Chandra
    New Socialist Alternative

  68. Helen Says:

    Please add me to you newsletter list.
    I am a student activist in Aotearoa New Zealand and traveled to India and Bangladesh in 2009 with a Fair trade organisation. The workers stories of struggle are so valuable for talking about whats happening to people in Gurgaon, in Aotearoa New Zealand.

    Solidarity with the workers of Gurgaon!

  69. Jayant Dubey Says:

    HI to all,

    The problem lies in lack of governance in the organisation. The strikes, lock outs, layoffs, retrenchment are part and parcel of running a manufacturing unit or export house.

    However, being insentimentalto the feelings and life style of workers is something which is not ethical on the part of organisations.

    I introduce myself as promoter of SME MANTRA, an initiative which is directed to bring about a reduction in pain of workers as well as Management. Streamling the work flow, ensuring labour law compliances in time reduces chances of aggreived workers, legal actions against companies, reduces strikes for unjustified or dubious reasons.

    I want to be a part of the pain in hearts of management as well as aggreived work force in and around Gurgaon. I request the factories facing serious legal tangles, workers strikes etc to give me a chance to meet personally and take a look at the situation.

    I as promoter of SME MANTRA wish you all the best in your efforts.

    Jayant Kumar Dubey
    Company Secretary

    Do contact me at: 9654339994 or mail at: jayant.inbox@gmail.com

  70. edlisting Says:

    send me new e-mail ID

  71. Manushi Says:

    Plz send me updates. I am researcher and working on Gurgaon.

  72. rajavelu Says:

    please send your news letter. it is very helful to me. i am working in hyundai motor india ltd, chennai.

  73. Bhalchandra Says:

    please send me your newsletter.

    very sorry state of affairs and eye opener for the rest of the world.

    thanks in advance

  74. sunil Says:

    Dear Comrade,
    “Workers of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but your chains. They have a world to win. Working Men of All Countries, Unite!” great quotes free from exploitation from great Karl Marx & Engels as it is free from exploitation….

    Absolutely, we have the theory and process to work. Those who have no idea they never think for unity of the working class. This is the main and critical problem with all revolutionary parties in India. Because nobody is ready to accommodate another worker, but still every one say I am a comrade without knowing it’s meaning and Marxian knowledge.
    Revolutionary greetings!!!!

  75. RAJAVELU Says:

    dear comrade sunil, do you know about revoutionary left cpi-ml(liberation)?

  76. Mahesh Chugh Says:

    congrats friends, go ahead with the project and pl sign me to this newsletter.

  77. Mahesh Chugh Says:

    pl sign me to this newsletter.

  78. adsamazing Says:

    please sign me up for your newsletter thankyou

  79. faiezul hakim Says:

    dear comrade,
    send me this news letter.thanks.
    faiezul hakim

  80. sam Says:

    this is really a good effort. Please sign me to this news letter.

  81. Fabio Bosco Says:

    Brothers and Sisters
    My name is Fabio Bosco. I am a Brazilian unionist, member of CSP-Conlutas which is a new militant labor federation.
    I followed the strike in Maruti-Suzuki with great interest.
    It would be great to have news about the workers struggle in India and seek means to build international solidarity.
    In struggle,


  82. Praveen Says:

    Hello sir,
    i wanna know that,ZTE in IMT Manesar related to handset manufacturing or telecom omc management

  83. Auuoagog Says:

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  84. Manish Says:

    this is really a good effort. Please sign me to this news letter.

  85. Tom C Says:

    Anti-Globalisation Activist and student from London. Keep up the good work. Please sign me up to the newsletter.

  86. Please sign me up to the newsletter.
    ………Arjun, Convener, PDFI

  87. DATTATREYA Says:



  88. Khaiji Luu Says:


  89. Matteo Says:

    Please sign me up. Excellent to see workers’ enquiry going strong.

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  91. Vijay Arora Says:

    Plese consider me for the newsletter.

  92. Sukhvinder Singh Says:

    I deeply appreciate the incredibly valuable work that the Gurgaon Worker’s News is doing in trying to get the word out. It is important that these issues get high visibility – for something to be done. I have worked as an architect and urban planner and as a professor in architecture for the past
    Please sign me up for the newsletter.

  93. Hari Prasad Says:

    Please sign me up – hariprasad0102@gmail.com



  94. Amit Kumar Vyaas Says:

    Hi friends…I appreciate your work doing for gurgoan
    Pls sign me up for the Newsletter

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